• The 20s


    I am 2 years into my 20s but this particular year feels rocky. It feels like I have been thrown into a stormy Ocean. The waters are wild causing me to drown me but kind enough to give me measured amounts of breaks to catch a breath. A breath long enough to keep me alive through another session of drowning.

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    The Real Tragedy

    Following his article on good men enchanted under the spell of a modern day Nairobi lass, which loosely translates to a bad woman, Bantuh requested that I write about the pickle of a good woman falling for a bad man. At the time, my friends and I were planning a graduation party for Carol. At the party, Carol and friend x were conversing about how friend x made a bold move by leaving her boyfriend of over 3 years. Let’s call him Brian. Because Brian is the SI unit of bad boyfriends. Brian(s) are the Luo men of all communities. They will ‘Agal toto bebina’ themselves into your heart. It…


    There is no Color

    She was one of those girls he had the privilege of saying, “Oh that is my childhood friend.” Except he would only brag to his friends and never to himself. Because one time, when he was 10 and she was 7, she stepped out in a bubbly yellow-themed dress with different floral patterns. She looked amazing, so much that, many years down the line, he still remembers her presence overpouring in the room immediately she entered the Sunday school class. Because he was a good boy, and he hardly ate his offering, alright, he ate a little, but always kept some for the big man up there, his angels were…


    S for Stalker

    S: Anyway, you and I are to meet officially tonight. Use the day to put your affairs in order. S: Oh and about the body, warm water first. Nobody wants to die in a body they loathe. Imagine being trapped there for the rest of your life. Tragic!


    Dr. Death

    They say death is painless and yet mine was fuelled by agony. Death is painful especially if you did not want to die. Like me. It's the grieving for the loss of the life you should and would have lived. It is the painful thought of living behind your sons after promising to return home. The agony of your children having to grow up without a mother. The broken promises of living behind your better half even after promising twice to return to him.


    Brother Peter

    Hey gang! So you guys remember the last story, read here was supposed to be the last one the Campus tale series? Well guess what, we have one more story to close this chapter. It is also our first time to host a guest blogger.(yeey!) Gang, meet Kiiru Macharia, one of the best writer on these streets. You guys know him right? Because you should. Well, if not, you are just about to, sit tight. ***** By Kiiru Macharia There is something enchanting about a lady in uniform. A nurse, a police officer, an air hostess, an usher, a member of the choir or even a student. They are different from all…



    She was lying in bed trying to catch at least one hour of sleep. It’s the least she could do after having to sit her behind in a car’s seat for about 9 hours. Besides, she had a whole night of wildness ahead of her. (Phone rings) “ Wewe umeoga? We leave in an hour? Are you ready?” Its Rebecca, her friend who also doubles as the birthday girl on this particular Friday night. I know Rebecca seems like the name of a  girl who cleans the traditional offering baskets in church but this Rebecca cleans her favorite white pants every Sunday morning while cursing angrily. If she is not cursing best…



    Many moons ago, okay, not so many but many enough to be many. I was a fresha (which is slang for freshman) and I thought I was bright. For the record, I still think I’m bright. So, after the seconding of my self-proclaimed sharpness, I decided to represent the University in a quiz challenge that would be taking place at Micahel Joseph Centre. I was a part of a debate team. Trust me to negotiate myself out of any trouble. Apart from that of milk spilling at home the instance I attend to a message on my phone. This is milk that did not have the slightest signal of boiling! Also, milk…


    The Nine

    Do you believe one event in your life can change your entire narrative? You know, the course of your history. Yes, no? Okay, maybe you, are thinking, well, that depends on how you take it. But hey, here is an unpopular opinion, some events in life don’t give you a chance of deciding how to take it. They just happen, and you! Oh, you! You have to adjust or check out. There is a saying that goes something like: to live is to be born slowly. So that every day you are alive, you learn something new. Only sometimes, as I said, it can be brutal. Kim decided to adjust…


    Teresa and Terry

    I’m lying on the table, dressed in an oversized blue gown. My knees are bent and my legs positioned wide apart. In a few minutes, my doctor will be here, we will engage in small talk of; ‘are you ready? just relax and it will be real quick’, to ease the tension in the room. The talk doesn’t matter anyway, at least not to the self-filth that has recently moved in. A month ago, I noticed a cluster of sores on my vagina. Having been aware of my sexual life, I quickly made efforts to see a gynecologist. And here we are now, with the gynecologist. I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes…