When I’m not holding my pen, I’m telling stories. I’m the girl that eavesdrops on conversations, plot fights (Aah these!) to find that sparkle of humor, pain, sadness, sarcasm and all that makes a story. I’m always watching, always listening, and often from a distance.

Writing, for me, is therapeutic. It is the way I express the festivals and battles in my inside. When words are scratched on the walls of my soul, I get a surge of energy to stop all that I’m doing and pay attention to my pen. So then, in the unlikely chance it is not already clear, my pen is sanguine. A short, brown skin woman with round eyes and hair caught in a perfect bun with well-laid edges. That’s how your annoying girlfriend looks, right?

Enough of my pen. I love music, no seriously, I love music. I also love coffee, chocolate (a recovering sweet tooth) speaking, dancing, laughing and being in the moment. Lately, there is an overwhelming sexual tension between me and my newly found love, travel.

I am opinionated and so are you. The thing is, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but that does not necessarily make it a fact. In this house, we can air our opinion, but should it differ with mine or anyone else’s, let us disagree respectfully.

Welcome to my house, now our house. Here, we have fun, we give grace and we remain kind. I will be serving you coffee shortly. If you are new here, there is a special sit for you, right at the section labeled subscribe. I hope you decide to stick around.

Njeri Kenyada

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